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IPQS offers a range of fraud detection solutions

If you’re looking to protect your business from fraud, IPQS offers a comprehensive solution. It is easy to integrate with your site and helps you combat ad fraud. By identifying and removing abusive users and bots, your business can increase revenues while keeping your customers safe.

IPQS offers a range of fraud detection solutions, ranging from risk analysis to real-time scoring of user data. These tools use smart algorithms and blacklists to eliminate abusive users, block bots, and prevent fake accounts. They are available for both small and large businesses. Unlike other fraud prevention services, IPQS’s premium pricing doesn’t break the bank.

As a global leader in fraud detection, IPQS is a trusted provider by some of the Internet’s largest companies. The company has developed a networked approach to fraud detection that learns from millions of user actions. This allows them to stop ad fraud before it happens. For companies of any size, IPQS is a reliable way to combat ad fraud. Whether you’re protecting your site against chargebacks, preventing malicious clicks, or assessing the quality of your affiliates, IPQS can help.

IPQS can analyze hundreds of millions of user transactions every day to detect and prevent abuse. When combined with real-time fraud scoring, this enables your business to identify suspicious behaviors, such as fraudulent payments, fake clicks, and non-human traffic.

IPQS’s fraud detection tools can automatically assign fraud scores to users and filter out traffic in real-time. These solutions also use forensic analysis and honeypots to ensure that your online data is protected from fraudulent activity. In addition to detecting bad behavior, IPQS helps to lower your chargeback rates.

IPQS’s Fraud and Risk Scoring Operation can detect fraudulent activity by using an algorithm that analyzes IP addresses. By comparing over 25 risk analysis data points, the system can determine whether an IP address is likely to be malicious or not. A higher score means a greater likelihood of fraud.

Another IPQS feature, the Premium Account Feature, can be used to determine the frequency of abuse and to identify high risk users. This IPQS fraud detection feature can be set up to identify problematic users in real-time, as well as to automatically suspend users who have a history of abuse.

IPQS uses a wide variety of phone number risk signals, including residential proxies, advanced proxies, and disconnected phone numbers. Each risk signal is validated multiple times, so the accuracy of results is guaranteed. Furthermore, IPQS offers a variety of premium blacklists to ensure the best accuracy for your responses.

IPQS’s fraud detection solutions can be integrated in less than five minutes. With IPQS’s user portal, you can easily monitor user activity. Plus, you can integrate IPQS software directly into your website through JavaScript or a backend API. You can even upload bulk.csv files to perform retrospective operations.

IPQS’s fraud detection system is designed to identify and block bots and abusers in the form of phone numbers, email addresses, and payment methods. Through a combination of risk analysis and advanced phone number risk scoring, you can minimize the impact of aggressive competitors and create a safer online environment for your business.

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