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Frequntly Asked Questions
How honest is your website?
Our business goal is to be helpful and honest. We use our own photos taken by staff and write information gathered by research and/or personal experience. This website is built by staff, not some other business. We do not make false claims, or exagerate what we are & what we have. If you find anything false or misleading on this website please tell us for immediate fixing.
Where are you in Hobart?
We are in the absolute centre of Hobarts CBD. We are on the city block that makes up the heart of the city. We are 3 blocks from Saturdays Salamanca Market, within 2 blocks from dozens of restaurants, around the corner from the Post Office and bus mall. The nearest small supermarket is a block away, and the nearest Woolworths is a 15 minute walk.
How big is Hobart?
Hobart is a very small waterfront city. As an example, we are in the centre of the city, but are only 2 streets away from the Derwent River, and a 30 minute walk from North Hobart - the great restaurant district.
How late can I check in?
You can check in at any time of night BUT you have to organise it. Reception closes at 9pm. You have to pay for the first night before you arrive, then we give you the security code and simple instructions. You can do this by emailing us or calling 1800 811 507.
What time is check in and check out?
Check in - is after 1pm, but we are happy to look after your bags for you, and you can wander the city with our free city maps, watch a free DVD, have showers, or relax. Arrive at the hostel any time after 8am.
Check out - is at 10am, but again we are happy to look after your bags for you. If you havea later flight or bus, tell reception and you are welcome to enjoy our services.
What if I have an early flight?
Tell the reception staff what time your flight is before 6pm at least the day before you leave, and they will organise your early shuttle bus, and return your key deposit. The shuttle bus company turns off their phones at 6pm, so it is very important for you to tell us early. Or you can call them yourself on 1300 360 000.
*Hobart Airport is NOT open 24 hours - security will not allow you to sleep at the airport or in a tent nearby.
Do you have WiFi?
We do have WiFi which will reach most rooms. It is accessible 24hours but you have to buy a code from reception between 8am - 9pm.
Do you have USB port access for uploading photos?
All of our 5 internet access computers have USB ports. Again, these are accessed by codes purchased at reception.
How much is your internet access?
Our internet access is supplied by another business. They set the price, and it is a bit expensive for short times, but gets cheaper the longer you buy.
* For example, 1hour 20 minutes for $10 works out to be $7.70 per hour & 3 hours for $20 works out to be $6.65 per hour.
* FREE INTERNET ACCESS - we are happy to show you where the State Library and Service Tas are located - both very close by. They both have free internet access.
If you have any more questions, call 1800 811 507 or email us. We will add the questions and answers here.