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An experienced injury lawyer listens carefully to your account of the accident

When someone is injured in an accident that may be the result of another person or company’s negligence, they can seek compensation. To secure that compensation, they need a Personal injury lawyer to handle all the details and paperwork for them. The following are some things a personal injury attorney typically does for their clients:

Gathering information

An experienced injury lawyer listens carefully to your account of the accident. Then, they look for facts and details that require further clarification and follow-up. These might include witness names and contact information, documents pertaining to the accident and your injuries (such as accident reports and medical bills), statements from other parties involved in the incident, and more.

In some cases, a lawyer might need to interview medical experts or use the expertise of outside specialists, such as accident reconstruction investigators. These experts are often called upon by insurance companies to question accident victims and develop theories about how the crash occurred. Then, these outside professionals might also be called on to give expert testimony in court to support the attorney’s case.

Determining liability

In most cases, a personal injury lawyer will review the accident report and your medical records to determine who is liable for the incident. This process is known as a liability analysis. In some cases, however, it may be difficult to determine who is responsible. This is particularly true when an accident involves multiple vehicles or when multiple companies are involved, such as a construction site accident or a trucking accident.

Calculating damages

Your injury attorney must determine the value of your losses and expenses in order to get you a fair settlement. These are commonly known as “damages.” They can be categorized into general, special and punitive damages.

Getting compensation for your losses requires your lawyer to have copies of all relevant documents. These might include car repair invoices, pay stubs, and other documentation of lost income. In addition, they will have to establish the severity of your injuries and what effect those injuries might have on your future.

Negotiating with the insurance company

Once your attorney has an accurate picture of the extent of your injuries and your financial loss, they will attempt to settle with the appropriate insurance carrier. They will typically submit a packet of medical bills and documents, income loss documentation, a liability analysis and a settlement demand.

If the insurance company refuses to accept a reasonable offer, your attorney might recommend mediation. In mediation, you, your attorney and the insurance representative come together in an informal setting to try to reach a fair settlement.

Personal injury attorneys are experienced in handling insurance issues and negotiating with opposing counsel. If the case is unable to be resolved through negotiations, it will be filed in court and presented to a jury or judge. Ultimately, a skilled personal injury attorney can help you get the most from your claim and get your life back on track.

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